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Pumpkin drop event

Polarizing filters for 808 and other micro cameras.

So I want to reduce glare on my videos. The film itself is pretty easy to come by; I harvested some from an old LCD display. But with the overall size of the lens (no wide angle) I'm having a terrible time cleanly getting one attached. I find that it holds smudges and creases despite all sorts of care. I've bricked a couple $10 Y1300 cameras already.

I think I could adapt a lens kit meant for smartphones, but they all seemed to be of the Macro or WA variety. My current plan is to make a small holder like a lens hood, with a slot that I can slide some of the material into.

Has anyone else attempted this? It's been a hard topic to search for since "polarized" is usually mentioned in reference to FPV antennae. :rolleyes: