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I bought this motor thinking it would be easy to install the props but I can’t even get them on.

The screws to hook the bands on are so close to the motor bell that the bands won’t even fit underneath. THe pic on the website shows the screws aligned with the openings in the motor bell whereas mine aren’t. Is there some way to change the alignment or am I doing something wrong? I’ve never had this type of motor before. Please help.


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Had a quick google and it is possible that that part is fixed permanently (part of) the outrunner housing. Check carefully and confirm for yourself that the prop saver piece is a separate piece before trying to force it to twist. The other thing I saw show up on google was that it was difficult to get the bands on this prop saver. If it is not a separate piece, and you can't twist it, you could try using a tool to force the band under the screw - use something wood or plastic (maybe a BBQ skewer).



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It isn’t an adapter. It came on the motor and even with the screws removed, I can’t get it to twist.
Sorry I miss read your post, though you could not get the screws out. I still think it’s a prop saver adapter, you can put one on almost any motor. Yours is just off a bit. If you notice in the factory picture the screws are aligned with the open portion of the motor bell. I’d put the screws back in, not tight, take a pliers and give it a twist.
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To get the O-ring over the screws, you have to line up the screws with the cooling holes so that there's more space to pull the ring over the screw.


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I have gotten to the point I hate prop savers and for me they have not done much to actually save the prop. Instead of fooling with bands what I have done is use small zip ties they hold well easy to put on and do give some when the prop strikes an object.