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prop savers on multi rotors- good or bad

is there anybody on here actually using prop savers with the rubber bands on their multi rotor vehicle??

have you had any problems with the bands snapping without warning?, and have you tried the ghetto method and used small zip ties instead of the rubber bands....

I am getting a tad fed up with trying to locate the appropriate prop adapter for my quad.... ordered 4 of the 3mm motor shaft collet adapters from HK, Hong Kong only to find that they are 4mm shaft fitting and that the collet won't fit over the bottom shoulder of the prop shaft.

still no closer to getting the bloody thing in the air...:mad::mad::mad::mad:

wrong order pic 2.jpg

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
My advice with the rubber band prop savers on multi rotors........from my own experience..........DONT.....if they snap on a plane you have a god chance of gliding in and saving your model....if they go on a quad they fall out the sky
cheers Brian....I have gone and bit the bullet and ordered some prop saver adapters along with some red threadlocker and Theraband tubing to cut for fixing rings (use 2 of these extra strong rings to hold the prop on)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm2Rog_uVCI

I had to do something as I was getting nowhere fast with prop adapters....have ordered 12 of the bloody things and the sizes are all wrong...
I Fly my Tricopter on prop savers, i use just regular elastics but i double them up 3 times and i use 2 bands so even if the band snaps there is so much rubber there and tension it keeps the props on and the band just get a touch looser. then upon landing i inspect my bands and replace if necessary. for a buck from dollar tree i get close to 150 bands... very worth it in my opinion and it also saves props and believe it or not, the arms of my tricopter as it doesn't allow the energy of a crash into the arms as much.