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Quelima SQ12 - Sub $20 HD Action Camera


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well according to the tracker its in New York now at least...

I cant say I would do business with them again to be honest. Nothing to do with your recommendation mate. Their actions and how they handle the business is on them. We take that chance every time we buy from new vendors. They will either get better with the feed back I am sure they are getting or they wont be in business long. That is on them, you have no control over that.

I order stuff from Lumenier and it comes from the same city in a very timely manor. Most times faster then the expected times. 2 -3 days tops. No excuse for them to take nearly 48 hours to even acknowledge an order in this day and age. 6+ dollars shipping on a standard 3 day USPS order for this is a bit overboard as well. I will wait n see how the package arrives and maybe post pics if its substandard or really different then other orders from that region.
Nothing to do with your recommendation mate.
No problem. The only reason I linked them is because that's where I purchased it and it's the only stateside retailer that I know of that carries this camera.

I'm the same as you......usually buy products from GetFPV, Raceday Quads, Piro Flip, FPV Direct, Flitetest, etc. and they almost always ship out products the same day, so that's definitely expected in this day and time.

SQ12 - Night Through Day Performance Testing

Did some more flying with the SQ12, this time starting in the dark before sunrise and flew a few flights all the way through daylight. The FPV camera used is the Foxeer Night Wolf V2: