RCBattery.com - Unboxing & Review

Our good friends (and sponsors) over at RCBattery.com sent us a care package! Many batteries, accessories, and a special gift for Stephen!

We've been using these batteries for a few months now, and are super pleased with the results and performance! Even in the cold Utah months. The construction of the batteries is solid and the connections are all clean. The shape, fit, and weight of these batteries are great!

A few months of flying isn't much, but we have not seen any indication of wear or puffing of the batteries yet. Overall, we are super pleased with the Liperior batteries and would highly recommend them to anyone! They are a great battery at an amazing price!

Be sure to tune into our episodes for discount codes on your orders thru RCBattery.com!

Links to what we got:















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Nice score gents. Sorry I did not and could not watch the entire video. The fast movement the rocking back and forth and the auto focus with that camera killed my eyes.

Are you guys going to just use them normally or will you be doing some stress testing to see what they are really made of?
Thanks! Ya, I need to work on my camera work. I appreciate the feedback thought!

Right now, the plan is to use them normally. I know that people over on RCGroups have done some intensive testing with internal resistance and other stuff. If we can work out some tests for them, we will probably do so.


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So far Rcbattery.com has my (y). Placed and order last week and within 2 business days I received and email that it was shipped. Could not locate a tracking no in the email so I ask for one yesterday. The responded with in 24hrs and it is FEDEX hands where I can watch it shipped to my door. I will put them to use right away, and if the hold up, as I expect them to do, I will place my future orders with them for sure. Thanks rcbattery for your timely response.