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Re-Introduction, Greetings from africa

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Hey Guys, Hope all of you are Okay. I dont think i introduced my Self properly when i Joined this awesome forum, so this is for those that dont know me.

In this Post i will share with you a Bit about me & my Home.

My Name is Henry, Better Known as Akuzike (traditional name) from Lusaka Zambia, SubSaharan Africa.
My Country Is Beautiful,Home to The Victoria falls which is a Wonder of World, the most peaceful christian nation in Africa. A place were all Religions & ways of Life Live together in Harmony.

About me.
Im am An 18year Rc Enthusiast, who Loves To Make Music & Meet New People. I am the Founder of a New organisation called "MARZZ" Model aero robotics zone Zambia. Which Focuses On Teaching Kids aged 8-15 about Robotics, Aviation & Friendship. Hopefully get them into the Hobby too.

If you would Like to Get to Know More about Me or Just start an awesome friendship, or If you would like to Help me Build Marzz by donating Used/New Rc Gear & Materials
Please,Dont hesitate to Hit Me Up

Twitter : www.twitter.com/akuzikejr
Facebook : www.facebook.com/akuzike.13
Email : Akuzikejnr@Gmail.com