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Regenerative Breaking with ESC? Any known ESCs that can do it?

This is partly out of curiosity and partly because i kinda sorta maybe want to build an electric longboard or scooter. Anyway, has anyone ever heard of RC ESCs capable of regenerative breaking? Do you know where to find them? I'm guessing these would most likely be RC car ESCs, but I don't know.
Also, said ESC probably has to have some way of not overcharging the LiPo it's presumably attached to. Nobody wants 4.3V per cell.

I suppose this could also have some applications for planes without folding propellers if the spinning prop during a glide can push back some extra juice.
Pretty sure the KISS ESCs can do regenerative braking.

Overcharging isn't really going to be an issue, as you can't recover more energy from the moving mass than it took to get it moving in the first place.