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resources for noobs

I am fairly new to the hobby I started just over a year ago, I had dabbled a bit before that but this last year I have got into it in a big way. I have learnt an awful lot and trawled countless websites and forums.
After many RTF's and scratchbuilds I am now flying fpv with a bixler 2, gliding with a DLG and I have just finished a scratch build hexcopter ( after building the H quad from this very site) and the thing I have noticed is there are many resources out there that beginners to the hobby have no idea about, for instance it took me a few weeks to find resources like flite test, RC groups, RC model reviews and many others, just type rc planes for beginners into google and you will see what I mean. You get plenty of retailers trying to flog stuff but no real advice.

With that in mind I have put this website together which I am hoping to get among those listings in google. This will then help direct new people coming in to the hobby to places like this, where they can find answers to questions that my website didn't answer. Anyway have a look see what you think http://www.rcplanes4beginners.co.uk/


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A very noble undertaking! In the beginning I think most (without close friends in the hobby) have brief contact with fliers they run into, or what's available at RC stores' websites, i e not much. The hard thing to gather the basics is as you say to weed out the good stuff that comes out of google's mouth. Of course, the "problem", I'd rather say challenge, with a site like yours is to get a good google rating for your effort to hit home. I really hope your site drifts to the top, you've come a long way already, lots of good stuff there!

I ran into this post yesterday, if you haven't linked to it already. I thought is was very useful and well written: http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=263175


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Awesome and hope things work out.
But like you said the challenge is finding these resources.
What do you plan to do to make sure your site is found by all the newbies out there that are starving for information?
Great idea thanks Biggles. As a complete noob it has been a massive undertaking to search through sometimes conflicting advice and info. Finding a resource you can trust is difficult at best. Flitetest has been a huge help to me.
thanks for the positive comments everyone I will keep trying and keep editing to try and make it better here is the latest edit http://www.rcplanes4beginners.co.uk/basic-rc-electronics.php but I think its very difficult to get it up the listings and thats where it needs to be to be useful. So keep popping back in as it will keep changing and if anyone has experienced difficulties as a newbie trying to find a particular piece of info, let me know because if you struggled chances are someone else will and if my website can make it easier to find then all the better
Hey biggles,
I gota say im bout 4-6 months into this hobby. Its been so painful trying to dig out the jems of info not to mention TRUE/CORRECT info among thousands and thousands of posts, pages and "personal preferences" on the net. I have to say a loud and resounding THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your site is SO great for getting correct info to help ease the unpleasantly steep learning curve of the hobby and all the tech, math and acronyms that go along with it!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! (yes again) :)
If I can help or add/suggest let me know.
On the night I found your site (from right here) I learned/understood more that the the last 4 months of digging and asking questions at local hobby shops and flight fields! :applause:
Thats brilliant, thats just the sort of response I had hoped for, I hope other people will find it useful too, trouble is I've got to get it up the listings on google for it to be of any use and for that I need some good links to the website from other web content but I will keep plugging away and see what happens.
Just sent it to my son who is currently flying toy grade 3ch helis and wants to get into flying planes. He will learn a lot I'm sure.