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Rest In Piece Papa

On May 20th,2019 my grandfather Craig Wolter passed away in his 1954 Beechcraft Bonanza V35.He lost power on takeoff,than stalled out into a goat field just a few hundred feet passed the runway.The FAA and NTSB are still investigating exactly how the aircraft lost power,but they do in fact know that he died on impact.



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Very sorry to hear about your loss.
My own father died in his private plane on the ranch when I was 5, always a sad day to lose another pilot.


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Last week we had a crash in a small plane 3 killed , a very sad day because they were just coming back from a stag, on board were the fathers of the bride and groom and the wedding I believe is in July.


Wake up! Time to fly!
So sorry to hear mate. If he is like any other pilot he left doing what he liked headin off into the wild blue.