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Review request: Curtis Youngblood Stingray

Like the subject says, I'd really like to see a review of the Curtis Youngblood Stingray (when they're available anyway, maybe they'll send you a preview unit :D).

Full collective pitch 3D quadcopter allows for flight in forward, backward, sideways directions, and maneuvers such as but not limited to loops, rolls, etc.. What does this mean for a quad? Fully aerobatic FPV, for one, and general sport/competition flying previously not possible in sustained maneuvers on multi-rotor machines.

They don't have a heli pilot so I'm not sure what kind of review it could be since none of them have the required skill as far as I can tell.

I don't know what the Stringray actually offers. It has worse complexity, fragility, and cost than a heli combined with the poor yaw of a multirotor. Nowadays we fly multirotors inverted using reversible props which is way simpler and WAY more robust. If you want the collective pop and yaw of a heli then fly a heli. What good is the Stringray? Hopefully the review will address this but I doubt it.
It looks like Curtis Youngblood is going to be on the show so I'm sure they'll be pretty positive. I have to imagine a collective pitch quad would perform 3D better than one using reversible props but I get your point that you're probably better off just using a heli. But the same could be said of 3d planes, sometimes it's just fun to build and fly different types of aircraft even if they're not necessarily the most effective or efficient way to achieve a particular style. I'm looking forward to the review.

Also, isn't David a decent heli pilot? He mentioned on the podcast that he started with helis, he must be able to do some 3d even if he's not a pro.