SAB-AB20 Would you Build/Fly one?

Would you build and fly one if I designed a "simple" Ft Style version?

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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Rolling through airplane things as I do I found a thread on Ugly planes. I seem to have an affinity for what other deem ugly, or impossible, or un-flyable.
The SAB AB20

From what I can tell it was a French Bomber idea that saw a working prototype, but I found little. It look like an ideal FPV bird, that you can take others up with you for an FPV ride along.
Here's a quick clip:

Looks to me like there are apartments between the fuselages and the motors :)
and don't forget the bombardier's copula under the fuse.

This plane was built in 1932.
The SAB AB-20 aircraft, a lesser-known but historically significant aircraft, was a product of the innovative aviation period in Europe during the early 20th century.

The aircraft featured a completely metal construction and were characterized by a twin-boom design, though describing them as having twin fuselages might be more apt due to their considerable size, which allowed for extensive internal space.

However, it was the exceptionally thick wing that provided the main internal volume. The wings were of standard thickness and chord from the first engine onwards, but the section of the wing between the engine and fuselage was extraordinarily thick, even incorporating windows.

Don't think I would enjoy climbing that ladder.
If you wish to learn some of it's history, this is a good place to start:

Best plan view I have to date:

All that to say this: Would you build and fly one if I designed a "simple" Ft Style version?