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awesome i'm up in laronge but I venture into stoon quite frequently we may have to burn a few batterys!


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Hi there. I am carrying the flag for the flite test / experimental airlines versions of RC down in Moose Jaw. Current hangar consists of Nutball, Delta, Blunt Versa, Bloody Wonder, P51, and Noob tube. The boneyard contains the remnants of F22, Bloody Wonder, Delta, Noob tube, and an Axon. Next projects in no particular order; Blunt Kraken, Storch, Spitfire, and an Axon rebuild.

We just installed a new fabric runway down here in the Jaw primarily for electrics and small gassers and welcome anybody with a MAAC card. But....if you are in the area and want to fly and don't have a card, I know a place or two and I am always up for some foam on foam combat, streamers not mandatory.

build, fly, crash, repeat.



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Hello to everyone. I'm close to Norquay and spent the morning climbing a poplar to get my new Explorer out of the top of it. Frozen fingers. Have a Simple Cub Storch Explorer and a couple of dead AXN Floaters that gave up all the gear for the FT birds. Next comes the Master series Corsair and a couple of T shirts along with a C pack. Oh, and some day I will not need to get up a tree as I'm sure to improve. At 62 climbing trees is a bore! =)