Save your local Hobby Shop thread???


Any thoughts about a "Save your local Hobby Shop!" thread?
I grew up in the Hobb(ies) in Indianapolis. The Ol' Man did it all RC, control line Ringmaster, Models, Slot car heaven!!! Even had a cottage side business making vacuum form H.O., 1/32, & 1/24 scale bodies. He use to carve RC molds for Parma too.
But those WONDERFUL places are gone.
"Wings and Rails" in Plainfield, IN. God bless you Dale! So sweet and so kind. I will never forget you, Sir.
"Westside Hobbies" Ohhh, the Old "Coke" machines, and "Lions Club mints" @ the register.
They even had a little spot in front with a kids table and chairs, puzzles and toys. A T.V!!!, (P.S. this is like 1972 and on...),a WONDERFUL couple ran it , heck, my Sister's didn't want to leave.
"Metzler's Hobbies" WOW, Tom even sold the chemicals for the 1950's Chemistry set. And the smell!!! Maybe it's just me.
I'm a grown Man, good sized one at that! But I tear up when I drive by... because technology is wonderful, but it doesn't have that soul.

God bless,