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Selling 2 types of TX!! Excellent condition(NYC Area)

Selling 3 transmitters with assorted accessories. A beautiful Taranis 9xD special edition (carbon fiber) its 2 years old, barely used. Includes original case, original charger, replacement switches (bought separate), original lion battery and sd card. I have additional accessories like a external orange dsmx module, r9m full module, assorted rx's for said modules. DM for pictures/ negation of prices. Selling Frsky Xlite (v1) it comes with original Frsky case, Frsky gimbal upgrade set and the neck strap lanyard. 4 Lion batteries included, r9 lite, 3d printed jr bay of my making. IM IN THE NYC AREA!!! DM for info!!! MUST GO ASAPPPP!!!!
For the 9xd with everything and the orange, give me $200, the original case, charger, replacement switches like 10 of them, all original frsky accessories. And the orange tx module with original Antena. Im not near my home, not until next week Wednesday.