Sold SELLING: Eflite UMX P-47 BNF w/AS3X


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Currently $119 on Horizon Hobby, I am asking $95 shipped including two batteries and a parallel charging board. Will discount for local pickup in NJ.

Lightly used. Selling to get some money for some new FT radial motors.
Tail has a little hangar rash and has been re-glued due to banging it loading into my car. No impact on flight characteristics.




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i will offer $50 this seems like a fair offer considering the damage.
Thank you for the offer but I will need to decline. This plane is in very good condition. The tail is effectively better than what came from the factory with zero impact to flight characteristics. I am already including two batteries and the charging board and am going to lose somewhere between $12-15 dollars shipping costs, so $50 is too low.