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Hey guys. I'm finally packing out of the house and need to sell a lot of my RC parts taking space. Here is a list of parts I am selling:

1x Power Pack B - $40
3x Power Pack C - $40 each
1x Power Pack F - $35
1x Power Pack A - $35
1x Power Pack A Twin Motor - $45
2x Power Pack D (Quadcopter Power Pack) - $60 each
6x FrSky Receivers (1x X8R, 1x X4R-SB, 2x V8FR-II, 2x RX4R, 1x Smart Port Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor) - $70 total, can sell individually but better discount if you buy all
1x Spektrum AR610 Receiver - $20
1x FPV Bundle (RunCam Split, TBS Unify Pro HV, Triumph Antenna and a 64GB micro SD Card) - $60
1x Rotor Riot CL1 race quad build - $175

Note the power packs are the old versions when Flite Test was selling them with Emax. Some of the power packs are also equivalents (not official power packs, but same performance). Shipping costs between $8-$11 depending on address. Let me know if your interested or have any questions :).
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