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Servo mounts for the store?


Hi guys! As long as you have the laser cutter warmed up cutting firewalls, how about creating a servo mount out of the same ply? I'm thinking a simple rectangle with two screw holes, one on each end. The rectangle would of course be hollow to allow for the servo to set inside of it (think picture frame). My point is you could glue the mounts to the model instead of the servo. Then screw the servo to the mount making it removable. Why you ask? If a servo goes bad it would be a painless swap out. In addition it would allow servos to be moved from plane to plane for someone on a tight budget. Theres a saying around here every Gram counts, so does every dollar for some of us.

Thanks for listening.

+1 !!
Servo mounts that a HXT900 will actually fit in (unlike the supplied mounts wth some HK planes)

Also engine mounts, suitable for a profile EPP foamy


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A tip for installing servos in foam board. You can use small patches of the colored craft duct tape on foam board. The servo screws hold really well when threaded through. I've rarely had one loosen.

Please excuse the mud.
Great idea! Instead of wood why not use the foam board? How much extra added weight will the use of the wood be to the total plane weight?