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The cost.
I’m no expert when it comes to digital servos. I’ve flown for more than 20 years & have never used one. I believe they are faster, stronger and more precise. They convert the PWM signal from the Rx to a number and hold that position until the next signal comes through. An analog servo uses a pot to interpret the signal.

Professional pilots can make use of the benefit from a digital servo but for merely mortal pilots like myself, analog is good enough.
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Digital servos also use much more current. I've only ever used one, on my rock bouncer steering after killing 2 (still quite expensive) analog ones. It's holding up so far, but unless you're doing really high end 3D flying requiring absolute precision I doubt you'd see a benefit.


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I have a problem with digital servos. I bought the f pack from flite test and one of the servos died. I bought 4 (JR DS285) off ebay, when they arrived i plugged them in to my FS-IA6B just to make sure they worked and were centered. All 4 work fine and center fine but at idle they make a noise. like the motor is getting a weak signal. not enough to move it but you can hear it. it seems like it is trying to find center. they are not bound because i don't have them hooked to anything . just sitting on the desk. so can i not use digital servos with flysky ? or is there a way to stop it ? thanks