Share your decals vector images for decorating your plane


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Not certain if this already has a thread or post.
I did do a search and could not really find anything.
But with vinyl cutters becoming more popular and people having access to family members with cricut machines and other brands of vinyl cutters
I thought it might be nice to have a place where flyers can post and share there vector/svg images with other flyers
Of course we would prob. have to avoid copyright designs.
I think it might also be a great way for some of our creative pilots to show off there artistic skills and custom creations.

What do you all think ?

Love Mat.


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Hi Mat, As a former sign maker (retired), I have an old plotter/cutter myself but I rarely use it to make any decals for my planes. Your idea in my opinion is a good one but I imagine that there are so few RC pilots that have the machines to cut vinyl graphics out there. Also, you are right in considering copywrite infringement could be a problem. But wait and see how many others respond. You and I might be surprised.


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There seem to be lots of people out there with Cricut machines. I’m planning to borrow one from a friend to try it out. I just read up instructions on doing multi-color decals. Looking forward to trying it out.


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This is the Image for the Noob Wonder graphics


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I Bought my vinyl cutter on the cheap of Ebay with a bunch of spare blades thinking i would just do some cool pattern graphics for my flying wings and gliders but it really did open a whole world of creativity.
It started with stickers for my kids body boards
Using it for signage at work.
Using heat transfer vinyl for making custom designs on shirts, hats, jackets.
Cutting out complex pattern stencils for spray paint designs for planes.
You can create cool cardboard boxes with fold lines and company logos cut out on the face of them.
Also the guy I used to by my vinyl from was telling me he knows guys that cut out plane components out of balsa sheets with them (How cool is that).
It took a day to learn how to vector an image/logo you might find on the internet and then i couldn't stop.
I found a hobby within my hobby.
Very cool investment for around the cost of a mid priced plane from H#bby Kin#.

I'm about to do some custom graphics on my second C1 Chaser and will share the results here.
I will also share some of my other custom designs soon.