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Shockflyer Diablo 3D


Epoxi Flyer
Hello Friends !!

I'm working alot (even at weekends) but today i took the day off; started my old plan of building a shockflyer to learn 3d. Im already having fun with the Yak but im afraid of trashing it on more daring maneuvers and close spaces.

I found the Diablo 3D plans, the hardest part on all this building was to put together all the A4 sheets.

after all the cuts on the depron; i used a old cardboard plane box and took the mold with the pieces, the next ones will be produced in series :D :

(the dog insisted to show up on the picture)

2012-05-08 15.59.33.jpg

Here is where i'm at:

2012-05-08 15.31.50.jpg 2012-05-08 12.23.56.jpg 2012-05-08 12.24.08.jpg

here are the plans:

View attachment diablo3d.zip
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it flew really nice and slow !!!

me and my friend, he made almost the same plane (same technique) ... extra 300

the bright orange made it really nice under the sun

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i have another one on the oven .... this one is getting better than the other .. more rigid as i used epoxi everywhere (used cement/contact on the other)

2012-05-21 23.37.15.jpg
Holy crap I just built a Diablo this last weekend, and maidened it monday morning. It is an awesome plane! I used dollar tree foam board and lots of packing tape. I wish I would have used depron, but wanted to see if I could do it with the cheap stuff. Added hotglue to almost every seam, and seems handle high load maneuvers just fine. Most importantly, I havent crashed it yet! (Had two close calls this morning however- n00b + 3D attempts make things a little dicey!)

One thing I did notice, full power at shallow dive, control surfaces seems to lose a lot of authority, like compressing in a full size airplane. Do you think stronger servos would help? (I'm using the ever present cheapie 9g servos)
Ah! I will totally check that. It's only on the ailerons- i have support tubes for the elevator and rudder rods. I may try thicker wire for the ailerons, as supports would look weird and/or awkward sitting on top the wings.

I did notice the build plans specify the cf rods, but I was trying to use what I had on hand. My last cf rod went into the wing and the horizontal stab support. :( I can toss on some thicker wire, and if that is indeed to problem, then may replace with cf. I had, shall we say, a 'large hobby king month'. I only get paid once a month, so the next week or so is going to be slim. If I start selling my plasma to help pay for this hobby, is there a support group I can go to? ;)

OMG i just watched your vid...you know how long its been since I've heard that song!? LOL awesome!
And it keeps going on ....

2012-05-22 18.01.08.jpg 2012-05-22 18.02.00.jpg

I painted the top of ailerons and elevators, white.

Weight without ANY gear: 163gr
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I don't have access to / money to buy carbon fiber. Would I be able to fly this without?
yes you can;

priority #1 is to make a solid wing;

priority #2 secure the empenage as rigid as possible; try to remove all the flex

* try to get fiberglass rods; used to make bird cages

* try to get 5 mm strips of anything light; like balsa, Formica, popsickle sticks !

* wooden rods ?

* use epoxy, it adds rigidity to the frame

* use that triangle tool to make the fuselage square; although its not a must; it fits together pretty straight.

take time to analyze my pictures in the build; you will see i used pospsicle sticks alot !

be creative :D i bet you can do it !

edit: just remembered; i saw a guy who made a triangular shaped piece of wood and glued where the fuselage meets together.

this will remove almost all the flexing ! ( a square stick would do it too ! )

epoxi that piece from nose to tail of the plane
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Hey colorex, I took some pictures to ilustrate how i use creativity and alternative materials to reinforce the fuselage/empenage.

as you can see my pushrods and some of the reinforcements are made with fiberglass rods from Kites/Bird cages

popsickle stick on the empenage glue point and a servo horn as a guide for the linkage

Lots of popsickle sticks and fiberglass rods along the fuselage edge to remove twisting and a popsickle stick on the elevator (the elevator horn sits over it and its screwd to the horn plate on top side, the empty spaces were filled with epoxi)
diablo reinforcement 2.jpg

more wood sticks on the nose and to make a battery bed/tray (holding point of the battery strap.)
disblo reinforcement.jpg

2 popsickle sticks near the "neck" of the empenage; another view of the elevator and the reinforcement
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