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Show us your crashes


Full Circle
Does a picture count?


Right before impact. I am at the local park.
Needles to say, I found some problems with control authority and so I made a new plane, my current plane that I have never flown yet. too scared and scarred by previous crashes.
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Reminds me of a similar crash I had ..... However .....There is a surprise at the end ... I think I was using the worlds strongest prop .... :D
Just go to 6 mins in to see the crash as the rest of the vid is rubbish
Hi Guys,

Here is one of my crashed while flying FPV on my F550 Hexcopter loaded with a all my gear, one of the DJI Props failed in flight but have now changed to Graupners so no worrie now.

I was very lucky indeed as it hit the ground on the rear which only broke two arms, one motor and one ESC. If it hit the front it would of been a different story.


Also got a website where I document everything but most take Aerial Pictures around Aberdeen but will be doing another tour around Scotland. Still getting used to this website thing oh and video editing software :). Its www.bestviewedfromabove.co.uk.