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Simulator Spatial Awareness Issues


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I'm hoping to use the simulator (RealFlight 8) to get enough experience to keep from making nothing but skidmarks and divots in the field with an RC plane once I go to a model (current plan is the Tiny Trainer) and a radio (in my case, a Spektrum DX6). The problem I'm having is trying to land in the simulator. I can't seem to line up the plane on the runway when my doppleganger is standing at the "normal" viewing position (that is, facing the runway broadside). I can do fine in both nose-camera view and chase view but fixed view is a no-go. About the only way I can get the plane lined up is to move the viewpoint to the end of the runway and aim the plane at my doppleganger's head; it's actually quite effective and makes for an interesting viewpoint. BUT . . . I'm thinking the flightline officials at the local club will take a dim view of members playing chicken with an approaching aircraft!!

The question is: is it as difficult IRL to line up an RC plane on a runway as it is in the simulator?


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I just use the default viewpoint, where you're standing at the edge of the runway. I don’t use any of the zoom views. With it like that, you have to adjust your flying to pick up waypoints, like trees, buildings, hills, etc, and you have to do a low circuit to see where you are when you want to land. In fact you often have to fly low to pick up any waypoints to know where you are.

Don't forget that there's no shame or penalty when youyou crash on the simulator.


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The question is: is it as difficult IRL to line up an RC plane on a runway as it is in the simulator?
No, to line up an rc plane is easier than in the simulator, at least it is for me. In the simulator you just can’t see the ground as well.

There are a few settings that may help. I don’t remember the key strokes, maybe someone else can chime in. The first, keep the ground in view. Works great but the plane gets small very fast. Need to combine with a second picture of just the plane so you can see what it’s doing. The combination of these two views will help a lot. There is also a glance at the ground key, then it goes back to normal. Read the helps to find the keys to accomplish the views described.


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Best tip I can give is when coming in for landings is actually fly the plane directly at you and as you come over your landing spot input rudder to put it on track.


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Thanks very much for the input, folks. I just flew for about 30 minutes and only crashed three times; believe it or not . . . that's actually an improvement! :) There was that time I made skidmarks through that farmer's corn. But, hey, if he didn't want his virtual corn shredded he shouldn't have allowed virtual pilots to fly virtual planes through it!! Thanks, again.


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My favorite plane to practice landings in RF8 is the B-25 bomber. Easiest to see from the runway and very docile.
I agree with you Alexander. I love flying the B-25. I've never been able to land it, though. I've changed the environment and use the Evergreen Airport - it's the one used in the "Beginner Airplane Training". It's a much more user-friendly environment. If I could just find a way to get rid of that damned wind sock!! :)


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Download the FT planes and try the Sportster. It's very easy to fly and a lot of fun. Don't expect the real one to fly like that though because the virtual one has been adjusted. To make it more realistic, you have to move the G-spot to the corect location and reduce the motor RPM to 12,000.


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I've got a link to a $14, 22 in one with Phoenix and some other sims. It's a U.S. warehouse and free shipping. I'm not recommending them, that's just where I got it. Get it from wherever you want.


The whole thread is about getting the FT planes loaded into Phoenix, and you can tell in my thread, I'm having a blast. Matter of fact, I'm going to go sim my TT some more, right now. Laters.