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So, a Gerry & Silva Anderson Thunderbird idea came my way.....

Dear Friends in the air,

This magnificent craft, the FireFlash, came across my tv screen when I was but a wee lad, Oh, the wonderful, outrageous proportions, the staggering audacity of it, the promise and the hope! And the exaggerated potential for it to break up in flight....

I wonder if there are grounds to put Flite Test *to the test* to see if they could make this ridiculous, magnificent craft actually fly,
or would it **crash n burn** like a Gerry & Silvia Anderson SuperMarionation spectacular!

PS Do you think Thunderbird 2 would actually fly??? It is a 'lifting body', yes, but.....Hmmmmmmmm


Elite member
Well it is a draggy canard stabilized flying Xwing. So yeah it'll fly.
#2 is worse but following the USAF test pilot mantra, "in thrust we trust" probably