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It is, but that page does not have a link to the files.

The emlid community forum page does not have an active link to the files either.

My hope is someone has a copy sitting on a hard drive somewhere they can provide a link to so I can save a copy.


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looking at other threads on this forum, Maingear has used it before, but I dont have access to PM him to ask if he has a copy, it also says that he is inactive. So I decided to pitch the question to the community


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Sorry to say I do not have a copy. First version George made was not compatible with APM, later versions were. They may have all been written for the navio+ not navio2. At one point he told me he wished he had used Java. I can understand why he did not release the source code. Send him an encouraging message on the emlid forum and he'll respond when he returns.

He is a very busy family man in Greece. Engineers full scale avionics if memory serves me correctly. There has been financial problems in his country. I wish him well.

It would be nice if a group started an open source raspi project. As the pi continues to increase processing power and the future generations of the zero, very exciting to see how this plays out.

I can see export laws restrict the flow of autopilot components soon and stifle innovation as the capabilities continue to grow. Internal inertia nav seems to be the current area of development for smart phones. This will make GPS and compasses obsolete. As the components become avalible , a shield will be assembled for the pi. We live in very exciting times.