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Soldering vise with silicone jaw inserts

After having a crazy amount of success selling these guys on the Facebook groups I decided to post on here as well. I have used countless soldering jigs and have not been able to find one that was as universal as I wanted. So, I decided to make my own. A machined aluminum vise with silicone jaw inserts. The silicone provides great thermal/electrical isolation and provides a non marring and conforming grip. The silicone can withstand temps as high as 400F. The foot print is 4" x 3" and has a max jaw opening of 1.75". The vises are selling for $38 + $8 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. If interested let me know and I will provide you with my PayPal info. Thanks!


I just shipped out 9 more of them today. They have become quite a popular little vise. So far the feedback has been that the size is adequate enough that if can handle pretty much anything in the RC world but is still small enough to be easily portable or tucked away on the shelf. The Silicone jaws have been the big selling point, though.


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Yeah, the silicone jaws are probably the big feature for me. I have an old Panavise with nylon jaws, which is a nice size vise for doing RC electronics work, but I've melted the nylon jaws when I'm trying to solder bullet connectors.


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Received my vise yesterday in the mail and wasted no time using it to solder some 3.5mm bullet terminals and an XT60 connector to an ESC.

Works really well, easy to jig parts and adjust.