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SolidWorks Model Files


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Hello Everyone!

As some of you know, I am a SolidWorks user. I use it for work and for home projects.

I have been slowly building a collection of SolidWorks 3D model files for various R/C parts. Here is what I have so far for 3D models, because I am working with physical examples of each part, they should be nearly dimension perfect. I am offering use of these 3D models to anyone interested. If you cannot use SolidWorks part file format, just ask for a different format. SolidWorks can save into other, more generic 3D formats (like STEP and IGES).

HexTronik HXT500 (5g size)

Turnigy TGY-1551A (5g size)
Turnigy TGY-1551A.jpg

Turnigy TSS-10MG (9g size)
Turnigy TSS-10MG.jpg

COBRA C-2202/70 with prop-saver hub
COBRA C220270.jpg

FrSky X6R (lacks antenna)

FrSky RX4R

FT Elements:
FT Firewall.jpg

I'm currently working on models for the following parts. Again, these are all from my personal collection, hence why it's a fairly random assortment of parts.

FliteTest ES9051 servo (5g size)

FliteTest Radial 1806 motor

COBRA C-2213/22 motor

HobbyKing PropDriveV2 28-26S (1000kv) motor

If you see a 3D model that you would like to use, just message me with your preferred format (or a format you can use that SolidWorks can save into) and I'll send it to you.