Speed running a DIY foamboard racer (109 mph)


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Sharing a video of a comparison the fantastic EFXtra from Hobbyking with a home built, scratch built foam board racer.
The foamboard contraption is just a tad faster, hitting 176km/h (just shy of 110mph) on GPS.
The stock EFXtra on 4S stranded on 104mph.
--> DIY for the win :)

  • 135cm wing span
  • NTM propdrive 5050 - 580kV with a 12x12 prop on an 120A ESC - currently draws 70A static; I'm trying to find a prop that draws a few more amps.
  • 6S 4000mAh (a heavy graphene panther)
  • Wing is made from foam board (with a 12mm carbon tube inside). Fuselage is a composite of foam board, styrofoam, paper, balsa and fibreglass lay-up.
  • Canopy is a PET bottle.
  • Covered with covering film.
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