Spektrum serial & non-satellite receivers for flight controllers


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My question:
Can you use a Spektrum brand non-satellite receiver with a flight controller? If so, which ones?

I've been flying Spektrum gear and have accumulated a pretty good pile of it. I have a few quads with satellite receivers as well. I wanted to use flight controllers on a few of my larger planes and I started digging into compatible setups for Spektrum receivers and flight controllers. I pretty much only got confused trying to read any of the Spektrum documentation.

They do have a mediocre specification sheet for the protocol used by satellite receivers that 'covers' telemetry. Beyond that, non-satellite receivers have a couple of different protocols listed in their advertising but nowhere can I find any good documentation on what setups might work.

The newest sport receivers list pin 1 as data AND servo 1 (usually throttle). This is mentioned in the manual: https://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/SPMAR620-Manual-EN.pdf There is zero explanation of what that data port can do. My latest one actually came with the SMART logo on it which I know would provide additional telemetry signals.

On top of this, a few (slightly older?) list SRLX as a bi-directional protocol on some receivers and Spektrum themselves list this unreleased new receiver with SRLX2: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM4650 It sounds like this might be the protocol that would enable serial bi-directional-telemetry AND uni-directional receiver control, but who knows? They don't explain it.

Wish List:
Honestly my wish here is:
1) Enabling the radio link for bi-directional functionality for non-Spektrum components.
2) Enabling flight controllers to connect serially to non-serial receivers, get telemetry themselves for OSD and send back telemetry to my radio for when I don't have FPV.
It sounds like non-Spektrum open source solutions are getting closer and closer here, but with lots of caveats and complexity.

Do these features require switching over to the more complex control systems in the 200$ per-component price range? Is that the difference?


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Spektrum is a closed ecosystem and they are content to stay there. You are asking for what is already available with OpenTX, and the companies that are supportive of it. I gave up on Spektrum and now wonder why I waited so long to do so.

Pwm RXes hooked to flight controllers are so old tech and cumbersome. Switch to serial and be done with it. Why use more than 4 wires between a RX and flight controller? (Power, ground, rx, tx) With f.port, you only need 3 wires as RX and TX are on the same wire. Complexity Bad. Simplicity Good.

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