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Spirit of St. Louis Air Show, May 14,15 2016


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If you're anywhere near St. Louis in mid-May come on out: this will be a fun show.

A couple of event officials addressed my local EAA chapter, (we'll have a tent at the show,) and ran down the list of performers and static displays. Impressive. My great uncle flew a B-29 in WWII and I'm jazzed to see the CAF's restored example. I'll be there all weekend manning the tent, and unlike previous years during which we sweated through mid-summer heat and humidity, this one's conveniently scheduled in May.
Thanks for the post, Dave! I had no idea it was coming up so soon! This is a must do for us!

Maybe I'll splurge and take the family up in the B-17 this year. :)


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The local CAF will be there with the B-25 and TBM Avenger, and the show site lists ride prices for them as well. Looks like the Army choppers will be giving rides: $75 in the UH-1: a little cheaper than the B-17.

Never took the B-17 ride myself, but a few years back when our chapter hosted the EAA B-17, I got to sit inside during the tours and supervise the cockpit. I probably sweated off 5 pounds, but what an awesome spot to hang out.