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Streamer Combat in Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 23rd.


Skill Collector
Love to see new clubs kicking off events! :D :D

At my club we are just entering our second year of streamer combat (at least the second year in this decade) and have our safety rules posted online over here http://www.1nvrc.com/streamer-combat/

Would love to trade ideas and experiences on this - one thing we have learned is that a 30 foot long streamer on a 5 foot string leader is still really darn hard to cut :eek: Also, we've had the best time with this biodegradable streamer material that is water resistant so it holds up well to morning dew https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077DH1VVR/?tag=lstir-20


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I will see if i can make it out cus that sounds like a blast! I am so bored as i haven't flown for about three months due to weather and other circumstances. I have 4 planes that i have built that i need to maiden