Super Murder Hornet 2021!


Take THAT 2020!

I've been unhappy with my Yellow Jacket of late and remembered how well the original Angry/Super/Turbo Bee's I chatted with @SP0NZ and went BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

Not really.

I took the Super Bee lines, stretched the fuse a little, shortened the wings a little, tweaked the curves a little, and out popped THIS!

I asked Dan "what should we call it?" Dan just shook his head and replied "SMH". Thus the "Shaking My Head"/"Super Murder Hornet" was born!!

It builds very similar to the Super Bee, so you can use that for reference, but it's really pretty simple. I'll share more as I do more, but for now, enjoy the video and plans!!


I also uploaded plans and files for my custom motor mount, if you don't want to use the foam one:

3D Printed Motor Mount:

DXF (laser/CNC) Motor Mount:

Initial build:
IMG_7879.jpg IMG_7881.jpg IMG_7927.jpg IMG_7928.jpg IMG_7929.jpg IMG_7930.jpg IMG_7968.jpg IMG_7969.jpg

Adding motors:
IMG_7974.jpg IMG_7976.jpg IMG_7975.jpg

In color!
IMG_7991.jpg IMG_7992.jpg

IMG_8115.jpg IMG_8116.jpg IMG_8114.jpg IMG_8113.jpg