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Super Simple Gimbal - SSG - Poor man's gimbal

Now that is clever, and very effective too. Great idea to put the blue wire on to show how the copter is banking and pitching, and yet the video remains steady. Most impressive. I look forwards to trying this myself some day (about two years at the rate I'm progressing at with my quad....)


Rotor Riot!
I like it, but I will eventually do aerial video and photography and I'll need something more precise. Great idea for holiday flyers, though!


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Simple and elegant design.
I would like to suggest that successful aerial videography is achieved when you get the fluid transitions that you are obviously demonstrating.
Looks pretty precise to me.
What is your anchor point look like?
Never mind, searched on RCGroups....my bad
Still pretty sweet!
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Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
That's awesome. Looks very precise when you aren't banking and yanking hard. Even then it was pretty damn smooth. That's a really cool setup.