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Swappable Wishlist

What would you like to see as the next Flite Test swappable airframe?

I've seen several random requests made for new airframes for the FliteTest swappable series. I've done a bit of searching and tried to compile the requests.

  • Power glider
  • Slope soaring glider
  • A 'swappable' EDF platform
  • Swappable 'trainer'
  • Swappable highwing 'piper style'
  • Swappable Seaplane


So weigh in and voice your opinion. What you would like to see as the next swappable that you could stick your power pod(s) into and go fly?
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An EDF platform would be a logical step up for those so inclined. I would love to see something more "retro" for their next swappable. They have shown how to make 3D and scale planes but taking it another level up to make a WWI era plane on a "golden era" racer (like a Gee Bee) would be interesting and pose new construction techniques. If they want to futher the hobby they have the perfect platform for presentation of more advanced methods. It seems more and more that they are pursuing "random" flying things and less on the beginners (although its covered quite extensively). It would be nice to see them get back to it and follow the natural progression of the hobby. Just my opinion though.


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+1 for the gliders -- and a good clean power glider should fair well on slopes.

I'd add an Adams foam board DLG to the list, (not quite a swappable, if it just needs a battery, RX and servos), but that would be a signifigant challange to work more than "OK".

I think the old fogey fits both the high-wing and trainer classes, but a scale-ish taylorcraft (or such) built with the swappable or elements methods would be cool. A low wing light civ. aircraft would be cool too.

As for warbirds, How could you miss the F-4u Corsair?!?!?

Now they did do a profile DR1, but that was before the swappable pods. WW1 era planes would be difficult -- the airframes were built to offset an overweight engine on the front, so most modern models with good thrust/weight motors struggle to not be tail heavy. They're still awesome planes! perhaps something like the pusher DH-2. The scale to fit a pod as the motor would be HEE-UUGE, but would look awesopme in the air!
DLG or acrobatic slope glider with full wire cut wings.. Would like to see the wire cutting on a larger scale!
Also edf: maybe a non profile jet and something a little unusual!
I've been searching around, but haven't found anything yet... Has anyone gotten to developing an EDF Power Pod? I have a few EDF motors (one single, one matched set; both 3s) and have been thinking about creating a single or dual EDF power pod or swappable type platform so I can easily play with various designs (dual under wing; single center; dual thrust vectored VTOL (a la Harrier); etc.).
I would like to see a Ag Tractor 502-b or spacewalker type plane.


My father was a ag pilot and I love the look. I tried Dusty but found it a bit stubby to be scale.