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Presenting the New Laser Z2300, Designed and produced under the collaboration with world champion and our team pilot "Sacha Cecconi" in his own colour scheme, Bigger controls, better foam and hardware quality, eye catching colour scheme, the 37" Laser is a anyday go-to airplane like any of our 37" series airplanes, Due to its, floaty nature, smooth flying and uninterrupted tracking, this airplane is an excellent choice for beginner 3D Pilots who want to learn and try new maneuvers without breaking the plane, with the thicker 9mm EPP used will make sure of rigidity and robustness.

KIT Features

Enhanced 3D Aerobatic Performance
Robust 9mm EPP Foam Construction with Eye-Catching Color Scheme
Carbon Reinforced Braces for Wings, Fuselage and Suspension Mounts
Capable of Impressive Indoor and Outdoor 3D Maneuvers
Generous Hardware Package

Wingspan : 37"
Length : 38"
AUW : 310-340g

Now in stock and shipping worldwide.



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