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Tarot FY680 vs DJI F550

I am looking into Aerial Videography and contemplating the following two systems:
DJI F550 Naza M V2 with Zenmuse Gimbal

Tarot FY680 with Tarot Gimbal.

I want to use Gopro Hero 3 on the system. From the reading have done I believe that the DJI won't have much flight time particularly compared to the Tarot FY680. On the setup I wish to run separate power systems, one for flight control and the other for FPV/Gimbal/Camera, thoughts? I have also read that Futaba is the best matched for the DJI products, I'm a Spektrum man, so this means buying a futaba controller like the 14SVA thoughts??

I ideally want a long flight time with the ability to upgrade cameras in the future. I want a safe system that is proven.

Go tarot all the way. Its lighter and you wont run into the problem of poor DJI customer service.
Instead of using two batteries, use one battery for flight and then a 12v BEC for the gimbal and vtx, etc... it save alot of weight
Tarot's frames are better than DJI's IMO and their gopro gimbal is as good as zenmuse for a small fraction of the cost.


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Hey Bucket,

I had a DJI Phantom with a tarot gimbal and it was excellent although very little flight time as it is a bit heavy with the gopro and gimbal.

I built a Tarot Fy680 with the Tarot gimbal and it's a great fit, I highly recommend it.
12 Inch props with a 5200 4s battery gets me about 12 minutes of flight time.

With the Phantom it was about 4 :)

There is a post about it here:


Hope this helps!