Solved Thank you all for your help! Not mini Simple scout engine making it turn up and left, how fix?


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I bought the Eachine EV200D Goggles, they seem to be pretty good value and quality. But that was back in 2018, I don't know if better ones have come out since.


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An FPV system consists of a camera, a transmitter and an antenna. The transmitter sends a signal on a set channel (you can generally set this on the transmitters somehow) and the goggles can pick up the signal. In short, you can pretty much use most cameras with most goggles so the answer to "What camera does it hook up to?" is going to be "Lots of them."

You can even use multiple receivers getting the same signal. We've had two goggles AND a tablet (with a USB receiver on it) all receiving the same signal from one of our planes once, which is nice if you want to let friends see what you are seeing WHILE you are flying.

This link explains some of the info you'll need. You can skip past the "drone" part and just read the FPV bits...

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AslansMonkey has given a good answer, but I will generally specify: ANALOGUE. There are some VTXs it probably won't work with and those will be the Digital sets.
I stand corrected...or amended anyway. But that's ok. If I knew everything I'd be really bored. And probably boring.

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