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Thank you Flitetest


I make what you dont know
I was determined to start making rc aircraft after viewing your channel and now Im almost there! I bought the ft sparrow and all my required equipment. Im now fine tuning my transmitter and waiting for my AMA junior membership. So thanks for everything!


Faster than a speeding face plant!
Welcome to the FliteTest forums.

If you shoot video of the first flight, you can post it to Youtube and link to it here. If you have trouble with the build, the video can help us troubleshoot.

If you have a great first flight, we can all cheer with you! :)


Active member
Welcome to the family. I am not familiar with the sparrow but if you follow the build video you shouldn't have any problems. Once you are done building make sure your CG is on point. This has been my biggest problem. A little nose down seems to be more stable than tail down.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to our family mate. Always glad to have new members. Specially younger ones who can grow and carry on the hobby in a good way by learning from Flite Test and its members.

Feel free to post pictures while you wait for the maiden time. We love pics n vids here.