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That's Not Harry Potter

So, I started this journey by down loading plans from: https://avtims.com/avtims-firebolt/ for his Firebolt kit ( Harry Potter) scaled it down to 50%. You can follow my thread in the ultra micro section. Always wanted a witch and thought this would do the trick. Emailed Tim and ordered a kit. The kit is foam board and came as a very complete kit. The kit has wheels, wood parts needed and most hardware. The CNC cutting was nice, overall looks to be a nice build. There are basically mini plans with notes for instructions. You will need to do some dry fitting and look at pictures and the build log on this forum to complete the kit. I decided to use the kit as a pattern for the Witch and plan to build Harry after I finish the witch. The witch is being built out of pink fan fold foam. This foam required a little extra work to get the strength needed. I doubled the layers on the wings and legs putting carbon fiber or skewers where I felt they were needed. My goal is to try to lighten things up as much as possible. I am making different les as seen in the first picture of this thread. The legs will have a pivot point at the knees and I am going to use a second radio to control these. The legs will be set up as elevons so I can go up and down evenly or make her kick by using the aileron stick. I am also looking at rigging up an electric smoke system triggered by a switch with an ignitor and may do a sound box. Here is a picture of the small version.


Really hoping this flies well, its coming together nicely. Need to get it finished and get a weight so I can figure out what to power it with. I like to be in that 150-200 watts per pound range with the crazy stuff.