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The Carbon B-2


Elemental Madness
Just a picture, more to follow.


90" wingspan. Armin wing twin boom pusher. Bad picture, I was slouching. I am 6ft tall for comparison.


90" wing
6" cord
3 30" sections
4"x2.5"x30" fuse
930kv motor, 12x6 prop
40amp ESC(runs hot)
If you want to recreate this bird, PM me for more specs. The wings aren't very stiff though. I would go with my smaller version, it flew beautifully:
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Elemental Madness
GAAH! Everyone says that! I told my photographer to leave my feet out. I just ran outside to get a quick picture before it got dark and didn't bother with shoes... Maiden flight is tomorrow!


Elemental Madness
Has to be two bladed because it is a belly lander and it would break the prop if it was 3. The two bladed provides an immense amount of power! Maiden is in about an hour. I actually have a crowd gathering right now!


Elemental Madness
Well, sadly I do not have a video. I had a few people watching but no one wanted to record the flight. It wasn't long, the elevator servo disconected on launch. Crashes and I had to put the motor back on. Right now I am waiting for better weather to maiden it. Updates soon.


Elemental Madness
Working on it! Hopefully by the end of this week. I was feeling like a dork after this video...

Quick question: what do you think of the new intro?