The Great 2020 Quarantine Build-Off?


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Darn’nit... I accidentally ordered three 5g servos for my Bloody Baron instead of 9g that it needs. Guess that means I’ll be building a ‘Simple Mini-Something Scratch’ one of these days.
So, I just ordered a ‘C’ Power Pack & another 620 Receiver. That way I won’t need to be swapping stuff around with the only ‘B’ Swappable Power Pack that I have for powering all my projects. (That’s a newbie dilemma that won’t be a problem after a few more builds.) When I demolish my Slow Ride (It will happen eventually) I plan to cannibalize the 13g metal gear digital servos (4 of ‘em) that it’s equipped with to match up with the ‘C’ Pack. I’ve had no problem with the 9g analog servos yet, but I’m expecting them to be short lived. In the mean time the Bloody Baron build gets the 9g servos that came with the pack. The Slow ride flys way to nice to be robbing servos from it before it meets its end.
Hmmm, now I have three 5g servos with nothing thought up to use them in.
Glass half full, I guess.


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Got the wing tips all closed up, ironed and sanded out. Still keeps to the scale look of the wing...

It worked with one layer of FB that called off the tip and extended a half inch strip in the cavity in front of the aileron hinge...

I only had to cut relief slits in the LE just in front of the spar...

Now the wing is all closed up time to get the ailerons cut and hinged, then the servo locations...

The Front and back spar are situated 1" apart at 1/2" tall so sinking the servo in between the two has just enough clearance inside for 9g servos. The location was east to find as well being the spars are at the 2-3" marks on an 8" wing chord. I have two 9" servo extensions available, so I ad to pull the servo location to more the inside of center of the aileron. This should work since there won't be much flex on the aileron since this is a low to medium speed plane and all the edges are ironed out. It did take some time to get this far with just the one wrong but it is the more complicated of the two. The upper wing is similar in shape except for the center where the fuel tank is located, it does narrow down by a couple of inches in the TE profile and of course there will be the tank as well. I don't think it will go faster in build time, but it should be somewhat of an easier design process in the fac there is no ailerons. Been fun though seeing it all come together


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I have decided to start a project which I have intended to do for a long time. A 737-800. Now is a good time to start. The plan is to have it ready for flite fest (as that is the only place big enough to fly it).
A bit about the plane: it is based on a 3 view drawing at a 1:20 scale, giving it a wingspan of 1.79 metres. It will be a 6 channel (throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps and gear). I have all the parts, except the retracts that I will order from Banggood.
Two 70mm EDFs
Two 40a ESCs
6 to 10 servos
I require a 6 channel Spectrum receiver any recommendation for an inexpensive one?


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