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Time flys when your having fun I guess.


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My dad took me out to the local park to fly my supercub lp. I was so exited. It was only my 3rd flight, I had so much fun making huge loops around the park arena then coming in for long smooth landings. And my dad just kept picking it up and throwing it back up to go again. After doing it about 5 times the plane showed no sign of slowing down. So we prepared to throw it again! I was having such a good time, the nicest day of summer, the best landings and no wind, all with my dad and new super cub. So my dad threw the plane up for me again, the second it left his hand, the prop stopped spinning, if I had more experience I migh have been able to react fast enough to pull up, But I was too stunned. It dropped nose first into the ground a meter away. It just broke the cowl. Hopefully there are replacements for it. But it won't down my hopes. Just make me want to improve. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed my story, :p


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Sounds like an awesome father/son experience. I've done that before with foamies...they seem to have plenty of power right before the landing, then next toss the battery dies.


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Yeah- a new cowl costs about three bucks and is about as easy a fix as you can get.
On the plus side the plane flies fine without it if you just wanna leave it off as you continue to learn.
When you do get a new one you can also reinforce it with packing tape so that it won't crack again.
I actually just repaired mine with packing tape and it works like a charm.
Great plane. One of my favorites!

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Fly the wings off
It's hard to find a better or tougher trainer to learn with. You can replace all the parts on those, but you can usually field fix most anything for a few flights first with just some clear packing tape. :)


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Monster truck Cub wheels !! niceeee !!

a friend of mine used the mini Revo wheels on his cub, when he arrived at the club ppl started to mock him - "OFF ROAD CUB" , but after a few landings on the dirt / grass / gravel they asked: "where you did you got those nice wheels ?"