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Tiny Whoop need a little help


Master member
I have a BeeBrain Tiny Whoop Spektrum that I bought from a gal that builds them. Been flying really well for 2 years, now has developed a problem. Now this is where I need the help as I am not a quad guy mostly I putts with tuning if need be.

Here is what is happening if I ease it around with the throttle it flies like it always has but if I have to hammer the throttle it it takes off to the left and forward and then flips itself out just doing crazy flips until the ground is contacted, with no control. I have pulled the props and made sure all motors are clean and free turning, if I hold onto it and give full throttle the motors respond as they should when tilting the quad, any one know where I should be looking to solve this issue.


Eternal Student
If it always drops the same way, it's probably a damaged motor, or frame damage that causes that motor to stop or slow down. Could also be damage to the FC/ESC but the motor is more likely.


Master member
Thanks ElectriSean that is what I was leaning towards one of the motors I do actually have an extra set so I will swap them out and see what happens. Darn these things are tough to work on being so small.