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too much ideas!


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i needed order more foamboards today... found even more ideas to try out build. ;)

I have a EDF Jet more in thoughts. Not any "copy" just free model.
Caproni Campini No.1, a bulldog of a Jet. (possible make for EDF)
Bisnovat-SK-2 (spitfire style, with cockpit faaar,faar in back :devilish:, and 40´s racer wings.. WWII prototype fighter. Crazy nice style
Kawasaki Ki-78 Kenzo3 ,WWII fighter. Superb sleak shape.
Moskalev RM-1 (SAM-29) Strela , ovalshaped deltawing. (possible make for EDF)
VEF Irbitis I-16 (latvia 1939) light prototype fighter. Nice sleak lines, loove the tailfin.
Bisnovat 5, a prototype rocketship with retractable ski (possible make for EDF with some adjustment of orginality)
Build_LavochkinLA200a, Russian Jet (EDF idea)

At least not common ones, that make it even more fun!! All perfect buildt as "Master-style"


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