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Took a moment to fly today.


Senior Member
I took my axn out today for a quick flight. I got her all ready, and checked the functions. I realized I had forgotten tape, which I use to keep the wings on. I resigned myself to fly her gently, and launched her out over a fifteen foot drop over a frozen pond.
Nice, flat, graceful flight. For fifteen feet. I pulled back a tiny bit, and gave her a bit more throttle.
Then, twenty five feet away, she stopped in midair. Complete stop. No forward momentum. I hear fapfapfapfapfapfapfap, and watch pieces of foam disperse in a dense, but quickly widening cloud. I see what is left of the wings turn sideways, parallel to the fuselage, and the whole thing drops straight down.

I don't know if it is a normal reaction, but I couldn't stop laughing. I have never seen a plane stop in midair to eat itself before.


Rotor Riot!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think that it's always better to laugh when you crash :D

Why all the small pieces of foam? Did the propeller have a bite on the plane?
I watched a guy that was winning his heat of mouse race look at his pit crew in disgust as his plane started backing into the center of the circle. Went past the pit line and finally ate his lines. That backward running motor stuff just never looses it's ability to make you laugh though this is the first time I heard of one eating it's carrier.


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While that would have been awesome, in this case the motor and prop did what they were supposed to do. It was the wings that malfunctioned. I managed to get it up afterward, with a liberal application of tape, and it flew ok until the tape peeled off and struck the prop. The prop saver elastic broke, and the plane glided in for a landing. I plan on donating the plane to a friend for parts. :)
As much as I want to buy a replacement, I do have a wing and an ehawk that are both half built. Maybe I should finish those.