Tornado Drone


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For anyone not from the states or familiar with Wizard of Oz, we here in Wheat-Country usually get some wild weather in the spring and fall. Yesterday we had severe storms and dozens of tornado sightings throughout the night. Me and Mine fared the weather with minimal damage, but I do ask everyone say a prayer/thought/sutra for those who were in contact.
I usually scour the news after storms and I found something today that I've never seen before. This feller caught footage of a small (f-1) twister. Although you can tell he's quite a bit behind the storm, it amazes me how stable and clear this footage was for a drone in high winds. Granted tornadoes are weird ducks and many times have pockets of still air in massive low pressure zones. I grew up on stories of how everything gets dead still right before the locomotive roar from a touchdown. Anyways, it's great footage, and with new technology I believe this may be a door for UMAs in weather chasing positions.

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I just watched the footage on my phone and it was amazing. What kind of multirotor was used? Details, Details!