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Toy-Store Foam Glider RC Conversion

I converted this "Air Stream X", 4.5 foot wingspan toy-store styrofoam glider to RC and you can do it too. At first I had two small 40mm GWS brushed motor EDFs under the wings. It worked, very weak but it worked... until one of the motors burnt out. You only need two cheap 9g servos (HXT900s).

Recently, I added a 55mm brushless EDF on top of the fuselage directly over the wing. I had to do substantial bracing on the airframe as it's made of cheap, brittle styrofoam. I used fiberglass rods for a wing spar and carbon fiber tubes in the fuselage and tail and LOTS of Scotch Extreme tape.

It flies very well now. In fact, it's actually one of my favorites because it's cheap and practically scratch built (I love cheap planes). Here's a photo in its current configuration. By the way, if you're going to make one, the CG is about 4 inches from the leading edge measured about 4 inches from the root (swept wings are hard to get CG right).