tree limb snagged balance lead now FC is dead i think


well as title says. balance lead got into the prop. no smoke and flames
now when battery plugs in i get first three tones from esc. FC doesn't initialize even with usb.
no lights, nuttin
i'm assuming fc is toast. first thing i noticed was no lights on vtx. took it to the bench put meter on
the RAM pins on the FC (omnibus F4) that supplies vtx only shows like 7 volts, should be 16.8
so question is, you think it's just the FC that got whacked. before i start buying stuff
i just new things had been going to good for to long:rolleyes:


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It's probably just the FC, but to be sure you can try testing everything individually. If all 4 motors vibe the startup tones the ESC's should be okay. The FPV gear sounds like it can take 4S voltage, so that's easy to power up and test. That just leaves the Rx. If it takes 5V you can use an old ESC w/BEC to see if it still powers up. If it's a SpekSat that needs 3.3V you will probably need to wait for the new FC unless you have a variable power supply.


yeah pretty much what i was thinking . more worried about the vtx, still pretty new.
guess i'll see. bills law is creeping south today