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No. Bixler didn't become giant. The E-Flite UMX Habu just got smaller!

Despite the recommended 600 square foot flying space, 120 square foot will do just fine for us.

The front steerable nose wheel makes this plane extremely easy to taxi.

28mm EDF unit with BL180m, 11750Kv motor

Small but mighty, the UMX Habu fairs well with rolls and inverted flying.

Beware! This kit does NOT come with any batteries or chargers. This fact induces SWED RAGE!

Post show antics make foam planes sad.

Even in the midst of a horrific plane vs. face incident, Alex still manages to Vine like a pro.


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Haha. I watched this in the gremlin channel last week and laughed so hard when alex got hit. Way to take one for the team Alex! Great vine and great flying Mr. Bixler!

Keep well

Griffin P.
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You know, I really like ducted fans, I don't know why, there just so beautiful, would love to see a swappable series of ducted fans. That would be BADARSE!
Maybe just making a ducted power pod!? Hummmm sound like I have a project to get started on. Ill be right back...