(Unofficial) FliteTest Streamer Battle Discord Server


Hey everyone! With all this "shut down the world" stuff going on, and most of our RC events being cancelled, Sundown57 had the awesome idea to set up a Discord server. This server allows us each to log into Multiplayer on Realflight 7 or above and chat with each other while we do battle. The server also helps coordinate when people will be on and what multiplayer room to join, as the rooms we use are always password protected.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/4jgXF6U

Come join in the fun!

Right now, its just streamers, as most of the group runs 7.5 and that's the only multiplayer battle it can do. But, if several people with 8 or 9 wanna do another battle, we can dedicate a voice channel to that.



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I have RF9 but my connection doesn't seem to work with with anything but streamers. My connection went down last night due to a thunder storm but I was having fun up till then! Lol. looking forward to getting my new net set up here soon, then I should be good to go!