Unveiling my Mini Lidl Hawker Hunter Jet - Easy Build Blog


A couple of weeks back I asked for suggestions for my next Lidl build after creating 10 big Lidl's and 4 mini Lidl's, including twins, 4 motors and biplane. I had a few suggestions, but in the end decided on something I hadn't tried before, a swept wing design somewhat inspired by the Hawker Hunter! (Hence the attempt at a silver finish (fail) and RAF roundels. She flies! Used a very cheap power train package from Banggood which has a 1104 motor, 5A esc, prop and prop saver. Works ok with a 1s and the FS2A rx. Link in video description.
Very short and quick build blog and I've just seen these little foamies on Temu at less than £2.
The question now, what next again? Swept wing BIG Lidl I think?


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I am not quite sure what features specifically make it a Hawker Hunter but you made it so you can call it whatever you want! MissDemeanour.jpg